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Polyester resins are the most widely used resin for everyday applications such as marine , swimming pools or canopies. Polyester resins are ideal also for making moulds or doing repairs on boats, roofs or any other job

Polyester resins can be used in numerous applications, however described here is a abridged list of products that Duroplastic supplies to the industry.

General purpose resins are normally for any use from laminating, repairs, swimming pool lining , etc. It is the most widely used product. They come in Ortho and Isophathalic type resins . The Ortho is for general use and the Iso resins are for more structural applications.

Casting resins are normally either clear or can take fillers . They are made to handle small or large (up to 80kg) casts. Clear casting resins are ideal for small figurines (often cast into silicone moulds) Large casting resins are almost always filled with fillers (see section on fillers)

Putties or pastes are often used as adhesives and for bonding cores such as Balsa and foams.

Gelcoats are a polyester coating that is applied to a mould surface and becomes an integral part of the finished product. Can be coloured to almost any colour. Can be UV stable and give off a lustre for a long period of time.

Topcoats are similar to Gelcoats however are applied after the initial laminate of resin and fibreglass is applied. Used to finish swimming pools , boats , etc.

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Product Range

Unsaturated Polyesters - Laminating Resins

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
P104 G P Resin Laminating Ortho Resin 18-25 min
P300 Iso Resin High HDT , Iso Laminating Resin 18-20 min  

Unsaturated Polyesters - Casting Resins

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
P222 Thin casting resin Filler loading casting resin 18-25 min  
P219 Ultra clear casting resin Ideal for figurines and trophies 12-16 min  
P2xx Resilient casting resin Amber clear impact resistant casting resin 15-20 min  

Pastes and Putties

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
P477 Easyshape Light weight faring polyester compound.
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6-8 min
P446 Bonding Paste Iso Bonding High Density  Paste 15 min  
P490 Bonding Paste Ortho Core Bonding Paste 30 min

Flowcoats and Topcoats

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
F700 Iso Brush On Flowcoat Pool , External Topcoat Clear 12-15 min
F710 Iso Brush On Flowcoat White External Topcoat / Flowcoat White 12-15 min
F725 Iso Brush On Flowcoat Pool Blue External Topcoat / Flowcoat 12-15 min


Code Description Application Gel Time Info
G500 Brush On Gelcoat - Clear Boat hulls  12-18 min
G510 Brush On Gelcoat - White Marine, Industrial, Swimming Pools   8-12 min
G525 Brush On Gelcoat - Pool Blue Swimming Pools   8-12 min

Tooling systems - Gelcoats and Laminating resins

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
MATRIX D Low Profile Tooling Laminating Resin Moulds , etc  See PDF
F760 Glosskote Finishing spray/brush high gloss polyester 10-15 min
FS750 Spray shape Finishing high build spray filler 10-15 min