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Duolite® awnings are made from our Multilite® Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting in our very own factorys. Awnings can be extended to any length by joining sheets together using common brackets. Duolite awnings protects windows, curtains, and furniture from sun damage and keeps doors from swelling. Our polycarbonate awnings are a great way to keep your house or offices cool during summer while protecting your doors, windows and people standing underneath it from rain and hail during the winter months.


  • UV Resistant

    Providing an easy and economic solution from the sun, rain and hail, giving you 99% UV Protection, whilst allowing natural light to pass through.

  • Do it yourself

    Put it together yourself using the supplied instruction booklet. An easy 3 step installtion process (See below)

  • Weather Resistant

    Suitable for all climates.
    Duolite awnings are also hail resistant.

  • Durable

    Provides excellent durability and a sturdy, well made design.

  • Made in South africa

    Made in our very own factorys with strict quilty control.

  • 3 Year Warranty

    DUOLITE® features a 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee from date of purchase under the terms and conditions.



Bracket is injection moulded from specialised polymer engineered plastic to withstand the harsh South African climate.

• Awnings available in 2 standard sizes: Brackets projects out to 970mm with standard widths of 1.2m & 1.5m.
• Awnings can be extended to any standard length by joining sheets together using common brackets

Bracket Colour

Bracket Size

Multilite Polycarbonate Multiwall is available in Clear, Bronze, Opal White and Grey tint.

Installation and assembly is quick and easy.
Our awning is simple in structure, consisting of two brackets, a Multilite sheet and necessary fixtures, making installation a breeze.
Download the brochure for installation guidelines...