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Duroplastic has recently introduced another water based polymer modified system .Being able to laminate , gelcoat or cast into a range of moulds or even spray or apply onto formers allows.

Durocem is developed mainly for exterior use as it has similar properties to Cement in that it cures to better strength with water and time. 

Durocem is a organic matrix system made up of a combination of a water based latex liquid Polymer and finely ground high quality cement and pozalan powders. Mixed together in the correct proportion gives a lightweight product with fair physical strength with excellent fire resistant properties.

Durocem is mainly used as a laminate system using special alkali resitant fibreglass scrim This gives the final composite a strong light weight structure similar to polyester fibreglass ( GRP ) , however without the problems of flammability or plastic looking effect of GRP.


  • Grey in finish
  • Good rating for flammability ( SABS 0177 Part 3 - Class 1 - Not tested)
  • Dimensional stable ( less than 0.5% change on cure)
  • Compressive strength of over 30MPa
  • Working temperatures of up to 80 Degrees C
  • May be machined afterwards
  • Surface will accept most masonary paint finishes including sealers
  • Mould surfaces may be polished when fully cured
  • Non Toxic
  • Good Impact resitance


Fire Performance

Evaluation of fire properties of Durocem panels to be assesed by CSIR of South Africa

Hail Resistance

At present tests are being performed to determine tests of suitable thickness and laminates . However due to good impact resistance ( nominal Charpy 30kJ/m2) a laminate of 6 - 8mm should withstand standard 10 year extreme hail damage test.

Weathering and Ultra Violet

Extensive QUV tests have been done on the materials with different finishes. Durocem is unaffected by UV degradation. However some finishes may fade due to the high concentrate of pigmentation . It is recommended to use Durocem additives such as pigments , granules and metals. If used externally , NO sealer is required.

Chemeical Resistance

  • Alkali and acids - Excellent
  • Solvents and Hydrocarbons - Not recommended
  • Water and salt water (Not immersed) - Good
  • Immersion in Water and salt water Fair - Recommend sealer

Heat Resistance

Durocem is resistant to temperatures from -10 to 150 Degree Celsius. All statements , technical information and recommendations contained in this publication are based on tests believed to be reliable , but their accuracy and/or complteness are not guaranteed. The user shal determine the suitability of the product for his particular purpose and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith.