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Duroplastic has recently introduced its water based polymer modified system .Being able to laminate , gelcoat or cast into a range of moulds or even spray or apply onto formers allows Polygnite an amazing versatility that has not been seen before.

Polygnite with combination of different fillers , pigments and additives will give a diverse range of finishes from marble , to alabaster to sandstone. From a texture finish point of view smooth satin to a rough aged stone effect can be achieved.

Polygnite is a organic matrix system made up of a combination of a water based latex liquid Polymer and finely ground calcium sulphate powder. Mixed together in the correct proportion gives a lightweight product with fair physical strength with excellent fire resistant properties.

Polygnite can be used for model making , production of masters , mother mould casings , architectural elements , reproduction sculpture and special effects.

Metal powders can be included to give the look of real metal castings without the expense. One may duplicate many natural stone effects with the addition of different fillers and pigments

Polygnite may be used in a cast method or it may be laminated using fibreglass matts , tissues , woven rovings and chopper gun Rovings. This gives the final composite a strong light weight structure similar to polyester fibreglass ( GRP ) , however without the problems of flammability or plastic looking effect of GRP

Duroplastics can supply the range of products necessary for effects mentioned above and many others.  

Duroplastics has an application guide that specifies all aspects of application from mixing to application by laminating to de moulding. Also included is methods of manufacture surface finishing etc. 


  • White in finish
  • Good rating for flammability ( SABS 0177 Part 3 - Class 2 )
  • Dimensional stable ( less than 0.5% change on cure)
  • Compressive strength of over 30MPa
  • Working temperatures of up to 80 Degrees C
  • May be machined afterwards
  • Mould surfaces may be polished when fully cured
  • Surface will accept most masonary paint finishes including sealers
  • Material with low toxicity and has little environmental risk.