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Divinycell has a unique position in the international composite market as a core material in multifunctional sandwich constructions. Divinycell H grade in is used in a wide range of applications where there is a need for a strong. lightweight construction material with excellent mechanical characteristic. Divinycell is widely used and found in e.g. wind turbine blades, pleasure craft, ship hulls and truck bodies. Divinycell H grade is available in a range of densities as standard sheets or fabricated to customer specification.


Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications
Divinycell H has been widely used over many years in virtually every application area where sandwich composites are employed. These include the marine (leisure, military and commercial), land transportation, wind energy, civil engineering/infrastructure and general industrial markets.

Material & Process Compatibility
Divinycell H is compatible with virtually all commonly used resin systems (polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy) including those with high styrene contents. Its good temperature performance with high residual strength and good dimensional stability, makes Divinycell H ideal for hand laminating, vacuum bagging, RTM (resin transfer molding) and other closed molding processes.

Mechanical Properties
In its application range Divinycell H has the highest strength to density ratio. It exhibits at both ambient and elevated temperatures impressive compressive strength and shear properties (normally the most important for a sandwich core material).

In addition the ductile qualities of Divinycell H make it ideal for applications subject to fatigue, slamming or impact loads. Where a more brittle core material might well shatter or delaminate as a result of an impact, the ductility of Divinycell H allows it to absorb energy when deflected without structural failure. Other key features of Divinycell H include consistent high quality, excellent adhesion / peel strength, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal / acoustic insulation.

Full details of the core's properties are contained in the comprehensive Divinycell H Technical Manual that can be found here.

Widest range of Densities
Divinycell H is available in an ultra-wide range of densities - 38, 45, 60, 80, 100, 130, 160, 200 and 250 kg/cub. m. This enables designers to optimize the structure by choosing the correct density for their application.

Standard & Special Finishing
Divinycell H sandwich core can be supplied with a wide range of finishes to facilitate installation, enhance component quality and to meet specific process requirements. These include grid-scored, double cut and 'infusion' grooved/perforated forms.

Ready-Made Kits
For those involved in series production, Divinycell H can be supplied in ready-made construction kits where each piece is pre-cut, shaped as necessary and numbered to fit exactly into its designated place in the mold. This substantially reduces build times, saves labor costs, improves quality and cuts waste.

Product Range

Code Description
DVNH80/3 Divinycell H80 3mm PSC (2.175x1.221M)
DVNH80/5 Divinycell H80 5mm PSC (2.175x1.221M)
DVNH80/08 Divinycell H80 8mm
DVNH80/10 Divinycell H80 10mm
DVNH80/12 Divinycell H80 12mm
DVNH80/15 Divinycell H80 15mm
DVNH80/20 Divinycell H80 20mm
DVNH80/25 Divinycell H80 25mm
DVNH80DC/25 Divinycell H80 20mm DOUBLE CUT or GRID CUT
DVNH80DC/25 Divinycell H80 25mm DOUBLE CUT or GRID CUT
DVNIMAT-4 Divinimat Contour PVC Foam 4mm
DVNMX70/XX Divinycell Matrix Cores - New low density Cores


Operating temperature is -200°C to +70°C. Lifetime must be taken into consideration for the very low and high temperatures. Maximum processing temperature is dependent on time, pressure and process conditions. Normally Divinycell H can be processed up to 80°C without dimensional changes. Please contact us for advice before use.

Coefficient of linear expansion ASTM D 696: Approx. 35 10^-6 / °C.

Poissons ratio: 0.32